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We want to thank you for having been part of our Dirty Snapchat adult community these past years. With your support we have grown to become the leading service in helping you to find snapchat friends.

Unfortunately, Snapchat, Inc. has asked us to close the adult section of Find Snapchat Friends, as they don't want to be associated with adult content. We understand the concern, and we had to align our vision to the one of Snapchat, Inc.

From now on, we invite you to post your username on the main board, being careful not to post any nudity or adult content. Any profile that does not comply will get deleted and banned.

Kik Messenger Logo We also invite you to join Kik and the KikFriender community if you wish to find adult friends to chat with.

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We hope that you had an amazing time like we did, and we'll see each other on the "clean" side!

- Find Snapchat Friends Team